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Rapid growth opportunities

Over the next decade, one billion digital consumers will enter the economies of eight fast-growing countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines.

We have seen that these rapidly growing businesses can create growth opportunities for companies that deliver relevant and engaging digital experiences. But there's still a lot of work to be done.

These findings are relevant to brands in these markets and global digital marketing. Young consumers who have grown up digitally will expect better digital marketing when they enter the market. Many companies are not ready for this access.

Although this won't happen tomorrow, now is the time to start increasing capacity. Companies need agile business models and business intelligence to scale quickly when the business changes.

How to win in the digital marketplace

To get faster, companies will need data insight, technology and collaboration to create new products. This is a constant, dynamic and collaborative reinvention.

Here are four ways to come together and make an effort.

Digital Branding
Digital Branding. Explaining the role of digital marketing in brand and growth strategies.

To create a consistent experience across the entire digital marketing ecosystem, companies need to prioritize sales plans by category, brand and region. Digital marketing plays an important role in brand and category planning, and brand awareness should be consistent across all channels.

Digital brain
Digital brain. Create a secure database and analytics powered by the cloud.

To better understand customers' specific needs and needs in life, companies can collect a variety of different information, from first to third: CRM systems, emails, social media activities, marketing and websites, and other areas. Cloud technology creates a very easy-to-use database that preserves all important information and data management.

Digital design
Digital design. Create a digital marketing ecosystem that scales wherever you sell.

Businesses need a structured and flexible digital marketing ecosystem to scale where they sell. It should integrate business operations (sales, services, marketing, delivery) and support conflict-free business.

power of digitalization
The power of digitalization. Develop the skills and tools necessary to complete large-scale projects quickly and efficiently.

To achieve scale, companies need to have a clear understanding of resources and technology. They must demonstrate desired business results and ensure appropriate management and reporting. This information can inform appropriate performance improvements.


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