Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

The energy sector in Australia and New Zealand is going through a period of rapid change.

From the outside, customers now want better service from electricity and energy companies. They want a great experience regardless of the channel, whether it's call center, online, web chat, IVR or offline support.

As energy and utility companies grow with large customers, often across multiple states, data integrity within the company has become more important than ever. They are now evolving their processes to better understand their customers and build trust, making it more than just electricity or water.

1. Energy flexibility and remodeling

Growing demand. competition is intense. People want to be successful. Due to financial stress, network outages and security concerns, energy companies must adapt today to compete tomorrow.

2. Reinventing utilities to achieve net zero emissions

Utilities are the cornerstone of the carbon transition. World average. Reaching net zero requires innovation that creates benefits for everyone.


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